ohbahsan (ohbahsan) wrote,

Jersey Gardens

The breakfast buffet is not bad. After eating took PATH to downtown. I have taken PATH before but this is actually the first time I realized that we were passing through WTC. I used to think the exposed concrete and steel beams were some type of art hehehe. Just looked around and took a view pictures, then shopped at Century 21 for awhile. Went back to the hotel and then on Jersey Gardens for lots of shopping. Ate lunch at Jersey Gardens.

Around 4pm set off for the mystical japanese supermarket, which is in Edgefield, NJ if memory serves correctly. On the way there is a road that runs parallel to the Hudson River and you can get some awesome shots of the Manhatten skyline. It's about 10 minutes south of the supermarket.

Bought a lot of junk at the supermarket and ate dinner there. That is one awesome supermarket. Drove around 3 hours to Hyatt Newport. Parking costs $8 and we managed to snag the last available indoor space. Upgraded to a big ass bi-level suite, we're probably the only ones there haha.
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