ohbahsan (ohbahsan) wrote,

Quickie trip to Chicago

The prospect of spending the next week at home just doesn't seem right. I finally decide to go to Chicago for a 2 day quickie vacation. I used points to get a free ticket for the wife, but the taxes were a whopping $107. Not so free is it.

As for me I buy m'self a 10-segment Air Canada City Pass. Man AC IT dept is seriously fucked. I kept running into some technical error when I try to book the ticket (I later found out on flyertalk that someone else had the same problem and it was a bug that the AC IT knew about but chose not to fix :rolleyes:). I called the idiot tech support line but get no where, so I called the regular reservations only to be toled that city passes can be used online only. I give up and decide to wait until after midnight.

After midnight, I tried again and it actually works, and wonder of wonders the upgrade works too. I did online check-in for the both of us, chose seat 3C for me and 10C for the wife. Tried sleeping but couldn't so just stayed awake the rest of the night.
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