ohbahsan (ohbahsan) wrote,

Chicago Day 1

Dec 26
Stayed awake all night until we left for the airport. Luckily I did the online check-in, as there was a sizable queue for the USA departures check-in. We pass customs with relatively few questions and since we have about 10 minutes before bording I decide to try to access the MLL without the *G card.

I gave both of our boarding passes to the MLL matron, but she asks to see my card. I told her United never sent me a card, but the *G status is clearly printed on my boarding pass so she should have just let us through. Anyway after hemming and hawing she waves us in. The breakfast spread is pretty basic so I just ate some cold cereal and a croissant. We ate quickly and hurried to the gate, right before the boarding announcement started.

We ended up arriving in Chicago 90 minutes late. First they couldn't find someone who knew how to operate the bridge, then we had to wait in line for de-icing. Luckily I slept through all of that wait, so the delay didn't bother me that much. Breakfast was ok, some type of egg thingy with sausage. The flight attendant was nice, kept my cup filled with coffee.

Had some trouble finding the train to take to the city. We were in T2 and we could have just walked through the Hilton hotel and then directly to the station, but instead we took the tram to T3 and then walked there. The train ride itself took about 45 minutes and included a lane change, but the Washington stop was just 2 blocks from the Park Hyatt.

We got to the hotel around 1pm, we checked in and found out we were upgraded to a suite. Pretty sweet since we booked the lowest FHR rate at $295. The packet we were given contained breakfast coupons, voucher good for afternoon tea, and two tickets to the modern art musium. We took the elevator to our room, 1208, and were very pleased with the layout. Two full bathrooms, the one in the bedroom was handicap-accessible and a tub/shower combination, and the one in the sitting room had a separate shower, tub, and commode. Gorgeous view of Water Tower too. Someone came by and slipped an envelope under the door. Inside was a $50 gift certificate good for anything at the hotel itself or the NOMI. I assumed this is part of the HYCARD promo, very glad they honoured this without my prodding.

We unpack and immediate set off to do some shopping. The Magnificent Mile is probably our favourite U.S. shopping destination now, as there is just the right mix of luxury and cheapo stores all situated around the same area. We shopped for a couple hours and return to the hotel to try the afternoon tea at NOMI lounge. Unfortunately the lounge is first come/first serve and it was packed with people, since we didn't want to wait we just went back up to our room and took a nap.

Ate early dinner at Giordano's (sp?). Packed with people, waited about 45 minutes. Ordered a small dish-pan pizza with spinach and beef, and chicken noodles and fried calamari for starters. Should have just ordered the pizza alone, it is more than enough for two people. The soup was lukewarm too. Next time should just get spinach.

After dinner did more shopping, walked down to the Loop to check out the area. Pretty good weather around 3-4C. Took train back to hotel and took a deep soak in the tub. the little LCD tv in the bathroom was a nice touch.
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