ohbahsan (ohbahsan) wrote,

Chicago Day 2

Took the included continental breakfast at the NOMI. Shopped some more. Wife is ecstatic because the coat she bought on sale yesterday went back to regular price today :rolleyes: Went to the Four Seasons around 11am to check in. Forgot the lobby was on the 7th floor, took some time to find it. Booked the deluxe room FHR rate $355, which I believe is two grades higher than the lowest available rate. Another upgrade, this time to executive suite. Packet only contained the FHR comment card, strange, though the clerk assures me of the included breakfast and lunch.

Went up to the 39th floor, only to find a room with tired furnishings, worn out coffee table, a bathtub/shower combo, and so-so view of the west side of the city. Since we can cancel up until 4pm without penalty, we decided to check out and go to the Pen instead. Even though the rate is $40 more, at least at the Pen there is separate shower in every room.

Went back down to reception to talk to a different clerk. Very apologetic about our dissatisfaction and proceeded to cancel our reservation. Sympathetic about the room and mentioned that there were two model rooms that had been redone in a modern decor as part of a renovation project. Offered to show us which we accepted.

The room, also an executive suite, was on the 40th floor and the difference was like night and day. Modern decor and furniture, 27" LCD TV in each room, separate shower and tub, and it's in the northwest corner with view of both the city and the lake, just the way we like it. We accept the offer to move to this room, and go back to the Hyatt to get our stuff.

Back at the Hyatt we ask for a late checkout but are denied, the clerk mentioned someone was already booked into our room. I shrugged and started back upstairs to get the rest of our stuff, but then the clerk came running and told me not to bother as they would make other arrangements. Ok then.

Returned to Four Seasons with some of our stuff and was told our room was being dusted and not ready for use. So we deposited the bags with the front desk and went to eat lunch, which was the extra amenity in the FHR rate. The lunch was a buffet and regular price was only $22, very respectable price. The selections weren't enormous but had some very good stuff, I must have ate four pieces of the delicious rib-eye steak. Asked to charge the buffet to our room, and confirmed later that it was free as promised.

After lunch we went to Water Tower Place for some more shopping, went back to the Hyatt and took a nap there before checking out. Went back to the Four Seasons to unpack and then took the bus to Navy Pier to see if the ferris wheel was open. It wasn't but everything else was. We decided to eat dinner at the Bubba Gump place, since there was a huge line up. The wait was 45 minutes so we walked around Navy Pier to kill time. Nothing exciting except touristy stuff, but some bank had turned the conference rooms into a giant indoor winter carnival, it was pretty cool for the kids and something Katrina definitely would like. I wish Montreal can organize something like that.

Bubba Gump was so-so, ordered the mahi mahi while the wife had some fried shrimp. We then took the bus back to hotel. While closing the blinds my wife pointed out the gianormous apartment in the building across from us. We could see the living room which was easily over 1000 sq. ft. There also appeared to be 3 70"+ TV screens in the living room, though only one was turned on. Holy shit I'm still in awe over that apartment.

Anyways, tried to do online check-in, I could get a boarding pass but my wife couldn't, so that meant we had to get up early since I had no idea how the securitiy lines at O'Hare are like. Called the hotel operator to set a 5:55am wake up call, and then called room service to send continental breakfast for 6:00am.
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